Twitter lists for following conference buzz.

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Because #hashtags suck.

OK, they don't suck, but they don't give you the whole picture.

Lots of great information gets tweeted without hashtags at events: where people are going for dinner, miscellaneous thoughts, and interesting insights — the real pulse of the conference.

Using HeyList!, Lanyrd and Twitter lists, easily build and view a stream of tweets from the people actually at a conference, to feel more involved with what's really happening.

Try these lists!

Here's a sample of the twitter lists being maintained by HeyList! at the moment. Give them a go and see how they work:

Conference Organiser?

If you're organising a conference, HeyList! can build a twitter list of attendees directly on your account.

Help your attendees socialise

HeyList builds and maintains Twitter lists of all your attendees, as they add themselves to your Lanyrd page.

Following these lists can help your attendees discover and meet like-minded people.

Find out what your attendees are thinking

Building a HeyList! can be a great way of sampling the mood of your attendees, and can help you improve your event while it's running.

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Curious individual?

You don't have to be organising a conference to use HeyList!

Not just for attendees!

Want to know what the hot topics at an event are, but stuck at work?

Subscribe to lists built by HeyList! to feel the pulse of the conference, as reported by the people who are actually there.

Build lists against your personal twitter account

Build a list from an event against your own account (like @lazyatom) to curate lists for the events that you care about, all in one place.

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What do people think?

Without it I'd have missed out on more than one opportunity to meet up with people for food or drinks, so I'm very grateful for it!

The #scotruby hashtag was mostly uninteresting backchannel nonsense about talks being "awesome" etc, whereas the list had all the juicy information about who was stuck halfway to Scotland because of delayed trains, who was meeting whom for drinks/meals etc, which was exactly the sort of thing I wanted to know.

Very useful/interesting! caught lots of summaries/links for talks i wasn't at.

I think the list was more useful then the hashtag, as there were quire a few event related tweets that didn't have the hash tag.